Help Me Help The Oscars Reach You!

Hey everyone! I just applied to be a card carrying member of White America Social Media Assistant at the Oscars!

Here’s what I wrote!


Do You like Click Self-Referential Emails for Social Media Assistants?

Body of email: Apparently so!

My name is Adam. I am very web 2.3 savvy (I was web 2.0 savvy but Chrome updated). If you need to promote large award ceremonies, or even just statue presentations, I am your “Man” (captalizing Man is very Web 2.3).
I have a year of work experience (back in the 00’s, actually at a movie theater now that I remember!). I have also been in Hollywood a while, but it’s not “work” when it’s so much fun!*
I want to work to at the Oscars for a simple reason: I haven’t MANaged to get even with Megan AmRam**, who wrote for your lovely show in 2011. Although there will be financial renumeration (fingers crossed), it’s almost entirely for that reason.

Resume attached!

Social media stuff:
Twitter: @AdamUltraberg (Twitter, please follow!)
Tumblr (
Pinterest: NPR said it was for girls, closed account
Smartphone: Yes!***
I hope, even if this doesn’t work out, we can still be friends.

Yours in Oscars,




Now all we have to do is have one of us get hired as the Hiring Manager at the Oscars, and then I can get even with Megan show everyone how social medium I am!

Yours in Tumblr,


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